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With schools returning back shortly; having the conversation with children about their perceptions, expectations and talking about the possible changes that have happened within the family.

It is a way of equipping them in communication skills, and also to gain the understanding of being part of a team.


Set aside time within the next week to spend time building relationships.

Taking turns at speaking without being interrupted helps build towards trust in self and others, alongside building self-confidence and having a sense of belonging and acceptance.


Some questions starting with 

What: Where: When: Who: Which: Why: How:

Help draw out more information and show the person speaking that you are interested.


Remember to allow time for others to share what they want to say, and it does not have to all happen in one meeting. Sharing the time can be made by time frames, taking times on different nights.


It also does not have to be a formal type of family time, think ahead of how and where best suits your family.


Have fun and feel free to send feedback or comments. 



Please contact the office for appointment days and times, we also have some evening and Saturday appointments available.

Cost: These vary according to the type of service required

Payment: We do not use EFTPOS, our preferred payment is cash or internet as it helps keep costs to a minimum.

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Contact information

New Hope Counselling Services

Postal: P.O. Box 377, Waiuku,  Auckland. 2341

Physical Address:

10 King Street, Waiuku 

Land Line:  (09) 235 2517

Mobile:       027 293 2517


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As the founder of New Hope Counselling Services I have several years of experience and qualifications gained from working in different aspects of early childhood, school environments, counselling, parenting consultant, pastoral ministry, and as a course developer and facilitator.

My special concerns include community well-being and working with people to help them reach their full potential.

My qualifications are in counselling, parenting and areas that help others understand their personal journey.

I am a Provisional Member of New Zealand Association of Counsellors and the New Zealand Christian Counsellors Association.


 For further details please contact me, I am happy to discuss any questions you may have.

Services include:


  • Children, adolescents and adults 

  • Relationships

  • Family therapy

Parenting Consultant

  • Contact the office for more information

Personal development workshops 

  • Brokenness to Wholeness

  • Building boundaries

  • Parenting

Women’s Group (Pearls)

  • Brokenness to Wholeness

  • Retreat workshops

  • Building Boundaries