As a country our Covid-19 Levels have changed

Take this time to reflect on what strategies worked well, and not so well for you last time Level 3 and 2 were in place.

Use this time to revisit the family values and the plans that you had hoped to achieve.

HOPE is a foundation set within the FAITH of stepping into that what is not yet seen, yet HOPED for.

There is a saying 'as one door closes another is opened', use this time to ponder on what your vision is for the future.

The choice can only be decided on by you, others may help, guide, give their feedback however the finally step and decision is your's.

Although face to face meetings are closed for the remainder of this week we are open for calls.

Be safe and remember each day is brand new



As the founder of New Hope Counselling Services I have several years of experience and qualifications gained from working in different aspects of early childhood, school environments, counselling, parenting consultant, pastoral ministry, and as a course developer and facilitator.

My special concerns include community well-being and working with people to help them reach their full potential.

My qualifications are in counselling, parenting and areas that help others understand their personal journey.

I am a Provisional Member of New Zealand Association of Counsellors and the New Zealand Christian Counsellors Association.


 For further details please contact me, I am happy to discuss any questions you may have.

Services include:


  • Children, adolescents and adults 

  • Relationships

  • Family therapy

Parenting Consultant

  • Contact the office for more information

Personal development workshops 

  • Brokenness to Wholeness

  • Building boundaries

  • Parenting

Women’s Group (Pearls)

  • Brokenness to Wholeness

  • Retreat workshops

  • Building Boundaries


Office hours are by appointment only

Monday          10.00 am - 7.30 pm

Tuesday         10.00 am - 7.30 pm

Wednesday    10.00 am - 7.30 pm

Thursday        10.00 am - 7.30 pm

Friday             10.00 am - 7.30 pm


For information relating to costs please contact the office. As the costs vary dependant on the services.

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Contact information

New Hope Counselling Services

Postal: P.O. Box 377, Waiuku,  Auckland. 2341

Physical Address:

10 King Street, Waiuku 

Land Line:  (09) 235 2517

Mobile:       027 293 2517