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2020 VISION 366 days of HOPE

2020 has 366 days it is a NEW DECADE and a LEAP year

Each day is yours to take the first step into a HOPE filled journey.

Over the next few days take the opportunity to review what this year and decade has been like. Take the memories and explore what your perception was before and after them, they have been gifts of learning experiences.

For some, they may be over certain values and beliefs with regards to relationships, personal circumstances, political views, world events and even the foods that you now have tried that were once something never considered.

All are and were important at the time, are they helpful for moving forward? We can not change the past, we live in the present ,with the hope for the future.

Take the time to de-clutter thoughts and emotions remember it is from your perception not others, avoid making unnecessary judgement or actions. The only person you can change is yourself, to attempt to change another persons value or perception can and will cause frustration.

This is your journey, while alongside others on their journey each one different.

Honour the times and experiences, write them down and reflect on them over the next few days.

Remember in 4 sleeps

366 Days

8784 hours

527040 minutes

31622400 seconds await you 🙂

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